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Here are some comments from our Volunteer Workers:


I arrived at Tauhara Centre not knowing quite what to expect having been enjoying travelling through new Zealand seeing amazing places. I have had a blessed time at this light hearted and joyous place, with merry people and gratifying work.

Martha, UK


Actually I came accidentally across with Tauhara after I’d spent some time down at the Spa Park. A Kiwi guy that had decided to stop shaving and injured himself by jumping off a rock where he couldn’t see the ground told me about Wwoofers over here. So now I worked 7 days at Tauhara’s feeling fitter than ever enjoying  tasty food and interesting tasks every day. For somebody searching for a calm, cosy spot to do some voluntary work to meet the locals this place fits perfectly.

David, Germany


Tauhara is an amazing place for Wwoofing. I am so glad, that I found it and it is now my 2nd home in New Zealand. The food is just out of this world, everybody is so relaxed and friendly and you wouldn’t find better accommodation for wwoofers! The work is diverse and really nice.

Chris, Germany


The beautiful tranquility of Tauhara, together with its fascinating history, people and nature - Allows for the perfect retreat; for mind as well as body. If you're looking for a place to rest and recharge, meet warm-hearted, inspiring people or let the beautiful nature inspire you - Tauhara is the place to be.

Tommy, Sweden