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Facilities at the Tauhara Centre

The Tauhara Centre has a number of diverse indoor and outdoor spaces available for guests, among which a meeting room, hall, common room (lounge), library and dining room. This range of meeting spaces is available to suit the requirements of your large or smaller group. For more information, or to make a booking enquiry, please contact us.

An overview of our  facilities is as follow:

Meeting room tauhara centre the hallMain Hall, with a seating capacity of 150 people.
This hall is perfect for presentations and meetings.






Meeting room Tauhara common roomCommon Room, with a seating capacity of 40 people.
This room, or lounge, is often used for workshops or simply as a relaxing area for groups





Meeting room Tauhara Conference RetreatMeeting Room, with a seating capacity of 25 people.
This lounge is set apart from the main building and has a panoramic view over the Lake





dining room tauhara conference retreatDining Room, with a seating capacity of 95 people.
This beautiful, light room with large double-glazed windows is perfect for dining, but is also used as extra space for groups to use.




Library tauhara conference retreatLibrary, which is generally not used for meetings or counselling.
Our Library is often used for browsing or study by group participants during their stay. It is also open for visitors and local borrowers.



Sanctuary Tauhara Silent Meditation SpaceSanctuary, always open for silent meditation
This beautiful seven sided building, with views over the lake, is used for silent meditation.




Tauhara Grounds Stunning Views natureGrounds and bush tracks
Enjoy the stunning views and beautiful nature while wandering around our grounds. An inspiring series of tracks offer varying walks with points for solitude, reflections and scenic vistas.



We have different resources available on request, like whiteboards and a data projector, to use with your laptop. 

We have diverse WiFi plans available for guests, starting from $2.

More information

For more information, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

Would you like to receive more information? We will be happy to send you our Guest Information Folder by e-mail. 

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